SHIPPING UPDATE: APC ban is partially lifted, deliveries will be taking place on Thursdays only.

Latest fish arrivals and rarities at Abacus Aquatics

20 April 2019

If you have not yet visited Abacus Aquatics it is time you should! They have one of the best reputations in the industry for supply quality and healthy fish and they are also extremely well known for stocking unusual species and rarities. The list below is just some of the superb fish you are going to find if you visited the shop today.

6 species of Synodontis
30 plus species of Cory's, including Green lasers, crypticus, C030, CW014, C155, imitator, knaacki, natteri, nijsseni, septentrionlais, sipaliwini
Aspidoras fuscoguttatus
15 plecs, including True Snowball, L236, L397, Magnum, Green Phantom, Flash and some really nice colour locally bred F1 Queen Arabesques (the Queen Arabesques are only £35 each)

Fire eel,
Polypterus delhezi,
Tympunopleura atrosus (Slopehead Catfish - looks similar to Pangasius but stays a very manageable size)
Glass Knifefish
Ctenolucus hujeta
Channa belheri
Channa andrao

Phenacogrammus aurantiacus (Lampeye Congo Tetra)
Nannostomus rubrocaudatus
Nannostomus harrisoni
Axelrodia riesei


Red Crystals (from a selective breeder so better quality than a lot of the commercially raised ones now seen around)
Blue Velvet
Fire Red
Orange "Cherry"

For shrimp keepers, we also stock Catappa leaves, Mulberry leaves and some Dennerle shrimp food.

To find out more about Abacus Aquatics and to view their full stock list please click here