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Tropical Fish 2 Your Door: Stock list update from Wildwoods

28 June 2019

The TropicalFish2YourDoor (TF2YD) section is ever expanding and has well over 500 different species in stock to buy online today via the Wildwoods TF2YD section!

There are also hundreds of other fish not yet listed so if you are looking for something in particular, please contact us via: info@tropicalfishfinder.co.uk

Wildwoods are an award winning Fish House has been supplying the UK hobbyist for more than thirty years; we care about our fish and will only supply stock that we believe to be in top condition and fit to travel.

Just to name a few new, exciting and interesting additions to the TF2YD online shop:

Four Barred Tigerfish (Datnioides quadrifasciatus) - Now available as a new smaller size specimen.

Silver Shark (Balantiocheilos melanopterus) - Now newly available in a larger size.

Borneo Glass Catfish (Ompok eugeneiatus) - Hurry, while stocks last as this catfish is rarely available.

Black Piranha (Serrasalmus rhombeus) - These Piranhas are high grade well marked juveniles from Peru and widely sought after.