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Dazzling Discus Available on TropicalFish2YourDoor!

16 July 2019

Wildwoods have added some really vivid and brightly coloured Discus to our TropicalFish2YourDoor platform: Blue Diamond Discus and Super Red Pigeon Blood Discus!

These South American Discus are uniquely shaped cichlids and considered by many to be among the most handsome of all freshwater aquarium fish. They are peaceful and sociable and should be kept in groups, preferably six or more.

Blue Diamond Discus are an artificially bred species. They are bred to be stunning, showcasing a bright turquoise blue body with some reddish brown markings around the face and fins. To order online, click here.

Super Red Pigeon Blood Discus are also artificially bred to show a network of gorgeous deep red markings across their body. To order online, click here.

These fish are also famous for being among the few fish that provide food for their offspring. Once the fry are free swimming, they 'graze' mucous from the flanks of the parents. After a week of this, the fry will also take newly hatched brine shrimp and liquid fry food.

Although they are relatively peaceful, they can be territorial when breeding. Otherwise they enjoy being in groups, and if kept alone tend to be rather shy. Some aquarists will prefer to keep these wonderful cichlids with very peaceful companions such as cardinal tetras, hatchet fish, and corydoras. Although this is perfectly acceptable, they are perhaps more often kept in single species tank.

Discus need excellent water conditions- more specifically low nitrate and phosphate levels. Often, discus require softer water conditions, however the stock we have available are German bred, hard water discus.