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  • Species: Giant Puffer

  • Species: Spotted Congo Puffer

  • Species: Red Rainbowfish

  • Species: Emerald Rainbowfish

  • Species: Banded Rainbowfish

  • Species: Lake Tebera Rainbowfish

  • Species: Kamaka Rainbowfish

  • Species: Gold Nugget Pleco L018

  • Species: Scarlet Pleco

  • Species: Lake Malawi Bream

  • Species: Mayaheros beani

  • Species: Rainbow Snakehead

  • Species: Rubin Red Peacock Cichlid

  • Species: Geophagus Gurupi

  • Species: Calico Cichlid

  • Species: Red Spot Severum

New Stock (Some Rare) from Wildwoods- Tropical Fish 2 Your Door

21 July 2019

We have some really exciting, high grade fish available at really good prices on Tropical Fish 2 Your Door at the moment.

100s of species available to order online, but here are a few of the latest additions:

Rubin Red Peacock Cichlid- click here

Calico Peacock Cichlid- click here

Rainbow Snakehead- click here

Red Spot Severum- click here

*Rare! Only One Available!*
Scarlet Pleco L025- click here

Lake Malawi Bream- click here

*Giant Puffer! Only 2 available- New Season from Congo*
Tetradon Mbu Giant Puffer- click here

A VERY rare puffer!! Sale price available today!
African Leopard Puffer- click here

Geophagus Sp. Gurupi- click here

Gold Nugget Pleco L018-
click here

Monster Fish at GREAT Value!
Mayaheros beani- click here

Emerald Rainbowfish- click here

Red Rainbowfish- click here

Kamaka Rainbowfish- click here

Lake Tebera Rainbowfish- click here

Only one piranha left in stock!
Eigenmann’s Piranha- click here