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  • Species: Scarlet Pleco

Scarlet Pleco L025 available on TF2YD!

19 September 2019

A truly captivating catfish which can definitely be displayed as the centrepiece fish of ones aquarium. The main attraction with this particular species is of course the striking colour combination of red fins against a dark brown-black body. It is a very robust catfish which is covered in small dark patches and with vivid orange to red markings on the edges of the fins, particularly the dorsal and tail fins. It is no wonder they are one of the most highly sought after of the Plecs...

L024 and L025 are similar and therefore sometimes confused for one another, but the L024 is actually smaller and has less contrasting colours. Both share the solid build and very spiny body and for this reason are sometimes called "cactus plecs".

This beautiful fish requires well-filtered, vigorously oxygenated water with minimal nitrates. It is worth noting this is a very nocturnal fish, hiding places are important if you want him to settle in and become more outgoing during the day.

Although this Plec will eat some algae, this species is primarily an omnivore and needs a mix of vegetables such as courgette together with meaty foods such as bloodworms, prawns, and mussels in order to really thrive.

The Scarlet Pleco is territorial, it is best kept apart from other Plecs (including its own species) and shouldn't be forced to squabble with other benthic fish such as territorial catfish or cichlids. What this fish may mix well with is midwater cichlids, barbs, tetras, etc.

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