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  • Species: Fire Eel

  • Species: Doping Ricefish

  • Species: Candy Koi Betta

  • Species: Long Fin Dragonscale Betta

  • Species: Climbing Perch

TF2YD- Massive Stockist Update!

21 September 2019

If you haven't looked at the recent stock available on Tropical Fish To Your Door, it's time to do so now! To name a few, we have monster fire eels, Doping Ricefish, Candy Koi Betta, Long Fin Dragon Scale Betta and Climbing Perch.

Some of the fish we stock are so rare and interesting, for example the Climbing Perch. Also known as the Walking Fish (Anabas testudineus), this Asian freshwater fish belongs to f the family Anabantidae and is known for it's ability to live and walk outside of its usual water habitat. The climbing perch is an air-breathing labyrinth fish. The climbing perch have been reported to be able to crawl on land using it's gills and live out of water for up to six days!

We have a brilliantly large range of uncommon and highly sought after fish available and it is best to email us directly with whatever you're looking for. Our Tropical Fish Finder team would be glad to help you search for your next dream fish!

Just send us an email with what it is you're looking for on