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  • Species: Bandula Barb

  • Species: Bandula Barb

Brilliant Bandula Barbs... Another Stunning and Rare Fish Available at Wildwoods!

29 November 2019

The Bandula Barb (Pethia Bandula) is rare and therefore not commonly found amongst aquatic shops in the UK. It is a small, peaceful barb with a rose coloured body, darkening somewhat towards the mouth.

Bearing a few indistinct vertical black bands on the flanks. Rhomboid in shape, it has an orangey-red colouration across the head and tail fin and at least two dark vertical stripes on the body, one behind the pectoral fin and another between the dorsal and tail fins.

Young specimens also show a third stripe on the caudal peduncle and a fourth, discontinuous stripe that runs down the dorsal fin, partway down the flank, then onto the anal fin.

As the fish mature these two stripes become less obvious. Mature males tend to have more intense colouration than the females, developing reddish body colouration to their flanks and smokey black patches on their fins when in breeding condition. While these tiny fish measure at just over an inch, they are surprisingly bright and colourful for such a small fish.

Barbs are actually related as a species to minnows and carp. They can be found in freshwater in tropical regions. However this particular species of barb is interestingly only found in only one specific stream located just outside the village of Galapitamada in the Kegalle district of Sri Lanka..

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