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  • Species: Slobbering Catfish

  • Species: Slobbering Catfish

Catfish Alert!

16 December 2019

Wildwoods have some stunning catfish species in at the moment, some are considered rare and unusual.... message us with any requests. We have more than what's listed online.

Our favourites are the Brachyplatystoma platynema, Hemibagrus wyckii and Wallago attu.

Below is just some of the Catfish available on Tropical Fish 2 Your Door:

-Brachyplatystoma platynema (Slobbering Catfish)
-Loricaria cataphracta
-Scobinancistrus aureatus
-Bagarius Sp
-Wallago attu
-Imparfinis pseudonemacheir
-Mockokiella paynei
-Synodontis lucipinnis
-Hemibagrus wyckii
-Oxydoras niger
-Entomocorus radiosus
-Trachylopterus fisheri
-Baryancistrus xanthellus
-Panaque nigrolineatus
-Scleromystax barbatus
-Corydorus eques
-Corydoras concolor
-Pseudolaguvia shawi
-Centromochlus Sp Peru
-Pimelodus parnaibae
-Exallodontus aguanai
-Sorubim lima
-Bagroides malapterus
-Corydoras robinae
-Ancistrus ranunculus
-Hypostomus soniae
-Synodontis victoriae
-Platystacus cotylephorus