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  • Species: Tetraodon mbu

  • Species: Black Ghost Knifefish

  • Species: Spiny Monster Pleco L096

  • Source: jj photo

    Species: Puntius narayani

The WaterZoo (Peterborough) - January Stockist Update

31 January 2020

The WaterZoo in Peterborough is full of highly sought after treasures and is well worth a visit if you haven't already done so recently. With highly knowledgable staff backed up with many years of experience, it would be a visit sure to impress, exceeding your expectations to the fullest.

Here are just a few fish out of their latest stock update.

Tetraodon mbu - Giant Pufferfish
Pseudacanthicus spinosus - L096 - Spiny Monster Pleco
Puntius narayani - Narayan Barb
Apteronotus albifrons - Black Ghost knifefish

For full details of their stockist: CLICK HERE and just click search leaving the search box blank to just browse all stock.