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The WaterZoo: Jan/Feb Stocklist

07 February 2020

The WaterZoo in Peterborough have some great new stock in at the moment.Below is just a few species which are new in. For more info, look on their stockist search page: click HERE

African Cichlid- Julidochromis ornatus- Golden Julie

Barb- Barbus jae- Jae Barb

Barb- Puntius narayani- Narayan Barb

Characin- Paracheirodon simulans- Green Neon Tetra

Corydoras- Corydoras axelrodi- Axelrod's Corydoras

L Numbers- L090- Panaque sp.

L Numbers- Leporacanthicus joselimai- L264- Vampire Pleco

L Numbers- Pseudacanthicus spinosus L096- Spiny Monster Pleco

Loaches & Sharks- Pangio kuhlii- Kuhli Loach

Loaches & Sharks- Protomyzon pachychilus

Miscellaneous- Apteronotus albifrons- Black Ghost knifefish

Miscellaneous- Datnioides microlepis- Siamese Tigerfish

Miscellaneous- Polypterus ornatipinnis- Ornate Polypterus

Miscellaneous- Scatophagus argus 'rubifrons'- Red Scat

Miscellaneous- Tetraodon fluviatilis- Green Pufferfish

Miscellaneous- Tetraodon mbu- Giant Puffer

South and Central American Cichlids- Apistogramma nijsseni

South and Central American Cichlids- Apistogramma trifasciata- Blue Apistogramma

South and Central American Cichlids- Pterophyllum scalare 'rio nanay F1'