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  • Species: Knight Goby

Knight Goby: One of Many New Stock at Wildwoods

22 February 2020

Generally, gobies are considered to be ground dwelling fishes, but there are a small number of species that are free swimming in their behaviour. The Knight Goby (Stigmatogobius sadanundio) which originates from India, is one of these rare exceptions.

The Knight Goby, is a fish with a body which is a somewhat dull in colour, it's body is speckled with black dots overlapping it's greyish base colour- thus giving it a pretty and unique appearance. Being a goby it also has a unique movement and more unusal finnage to the typical tropical fare. It's maximum size is quite small at around 8-9cm and prefers it's water at 23-26C and a pH of 7.0-8.5.

This wonderful species are found in estuaries and therefore will technically reside in both fresh and marine water. However it is worth noting it is best to keep them in brackish water with perhaps 5-10 grams salt per litre.

The Knight goby have a reflecting layer on their eyes, hence the name 'sleeper gobies' for the relationship of the Knight Goby. The species becomes about 8-10 cm long. This is a species which also spawns on stones and roots but sadly the larvae are quite minute and require a full strength sea water to thrive. It is for this reason breeding is reported as very difficult.

These fish can actual become aggressive, particularly towards their own species so they are best kept singly. If not kept singly, it is best that they are given plenty of space for each individual to swim freely and happily. It is also preferable for tank mates to be of a similar size and robust nature- especially those fish that inhabit the same space of the aquarium (lower region). Other fish that are small enough to eat will likely end up as a meal. Another point worth mentioning regarding tank mates is that overly boisterous or aggressive species should also probably be avoided because the Knight Goby is a generally timid and shy fish.

Knight Gobies are sand sifters and enjoy digging amongst the substrate. It is this reason sand is suggested as a base substrate. Hiding places such as caves, bogwood and plants are quite the essential tank decor for this fish due to its sensitivity to brighter lighting.

Of course, provide good water conditions and a thorough filtration system to maintain optimal health. Whilst this may not be a fish suited for beginners, the Knight Goby has a great deal of character and is an excellent fish for the more advanced fish keeper.

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