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  • Species: Puntioplites falcifer

Sickle Fin Barb: A Rare Barb In Stock Now

29 February 2020

This less commonly seen and substantially sized barb is exuberant in nature, but not overly boisterous like other barbs. Sickle Fin Barbs are attractive fish which present with a slightly calmer behaviour than one might expect from a barb. Puntioplites falcifer can grow up to 40cm and is found in the wide slow moving rivers and dams of the Mekong Basin (Thailand) and needs to be kept in spacious quarters.

Like most large barbs, they are likely to eat plants which is why we advise you furnish the tank with rounded cobbles and boulders. They should mix well with most other chunky cyprinids.

At the time of writing this news article, Wildwoods have only got 3 left in stock and because they're harder to get hold of now than they were a few years ago, it is worth getting your hands on them sooner rather than later. Click HERE to add these stunning rarities to your basket.