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  • Species: L240

  • Species: Ctenolucius hujeta

The WaterZoo: Great Stock Available in Store

17 March 2020

The WaterZoo in Peterborough have a great range of fish in store. Some new additions are as follows:

L240 - Galaxy Plec - A large, prickly plec with a dark grey to black body covered in small, widely spaced white spots. Males have wider heads that bear numerous odontodes that run onto the front of the pectoral fins. Females have a narrower head, less developed odontodes on the head and fins, and the overall colouration is usually less contrasty, with fewer white spots and more grey than black.

Ctenolucius hujeta - Silver pike-characin - Medium-sized streamlined fish very pike-like in shape and habits. Body essentially unmarked silver except for a bold black eyespot on the caudal peduncle. The mouth is large and filled with numerous long, sharp teeth.

The WaterZoo never fails to satisfy their customers who go on to leave great customer reviews. One of the latest reviews, “The best aquatics store in the east hands down. It’s easy to tell they care about the health and wellbeing of the livestock they sell you. The staff are very knowledgeable on all areas of fishkeeping and provide great advice based on their own experiences… The range of different species in stock at any one time is fascinating. You can walk into the shop and quickly find a species you’ve never heard of and ultimately leave with more than what you came for!” - Mr. York, Peterborough

For more information about The WaterZoo, why not give them a call on: 01733 312 142 and don't forget to mention Tropical Fish Finder :-)