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  • Species: WIDE BAR Disk Pacju

Disk Tetra (Myleus schomburgkii)

01 May 2020

Myloplus schomburgkii, also known as the Disk tetra, Disk pacu, Black-ear pacu, Black-band myleus or Black-barred myleus is a species of serrasalmid with a black bar on its side. This species is found in the middle and lower Amazon River basin, Nanay River, upper Orinoco River basin in Brazil, Peru and Venezuela.

Mainly herbivorous. Provide a large amount of vegetable matter in the diet, including; courgette, cucumber, peas, spring greens and other green vegetables. Commercial foods such as algae wafers, spirulina and vegetable flake are also recommended. Silver dollars will also accept the majority of aquarium foods and will relish such treats like bloodworm.

Best kept in groups of at least five fish. Generally peaceful community fish and can be kept with other larger peaceful species. Much smaller fish may be eaten. Myleus mainly occupy the middle and top areas of the aquarium, so it is a good idea to select tankmates that occupy both the bottom of the tank to add contrast. Larger peaceful catfish such as plecos and doradids would be a good choice.

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