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  • Source: JJ Photo

  • Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuMFz3AH4DM

The Big White Spot Pleco

28 May 2020

Baryancistrus sp. L142 is one of several plecos known as it's vernacular name 'Snowball Pleco', however 'Big White Spot Pleco' is the more commonly used name it is traded under. This undescribed species is quite an impressive fish- it features a deep black body with large white spots running throughout it. The pattern is mesmerising, truly making it the showpiece within the setting.

Unlike the majority of white-on-black loricariids, the white spots on this species stay relatively large throughout growth, so that the adults look much as they did as juveniles. Males have more developed odontodes on the cheeks and pectoral fins, but otherwise the sexes are similar.

This large, chunky loricariid catfish will require a larger tank to thrive. It is an active, catfish which requires an aquarium with plenty of water movement and a high oxygen concentration. Wild fish live in river rapids, grazing on the algae and small invertebrates found encrusting stones. In the aquarium offer a mix of algae-based foods (such as wafers) together with meaty foods like bloodworm. Provided its oxygen requirements are met and the water is of excellent quality, these fish have proven to do well in aquaria. Other fast-water fish, such as silver dollars and Congo tetras, make good companions.

Baryancistrus tend to be aggressive and territorial and should not be kept with other loricariid catfish with which they might fight.

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