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Does My Betta Need a Leaf Hammock?

05 July 2020

Betta bed leaf hammocks are available in artificial or natural format. Both have suction cups and achieve the same thing. The leaf hammock is self explanatory, it is literally a hammock for your Betta to rest and relax on.

If you already possess a Betta, you may have already observed that they have a tendency to rest in rather uncommon places within the tank, such as the top of a filter. This is due to the fact that Betta fish are one of few aquatic creatures with a labyrinth organ enabling them to take breaths of air from the waters surface.

Bettas are bred to have artificially long and heavy fins, causing much need for them to rest safely whilst still having adequate access to oxygen. This product would allow for your Betta to have better access to the surface oxygen which is very important for the health of your Betta.

The leaf hammock is amongst one of the most compact aquatic products in its range and is a best-selling acclaimed product by consumers all around the world for its lifelike quality and how much it improves the Betta’s quality of life. You could either purchase a piece of real driftwood on a suction cup with some authentic Anubias Nana growing from it or perhaps go for an artificial leaf product which is easy to maintain and also easy on the pocket.

The artificial kind is best kept at a high setting and at a 90° degree or flat angle so that it enables your Betta to rest its fins comfortably/easily upon. Betta’s are not energetic swimmers given their natural habitats comprise of marshes or ponds whereby the water has a little or no circulation. Therefore, the leaf hammocks location in the tank are advised to be kept around 5-7cm under the waters surface- this will enable your Betta to have convenient access to take gulps of air.

In summarisation, the leaf hammock holds a lot of obvious appeal naturally drawing your Betta in for hours; it is easy to install, can be adjusted around with ease to suit your Betta with minimal cleaning time- consisting of a simple wipe down. These hammocks can be purchased at most aquatic shops or even online on websites like Amazon.

The only thing to be cautious of is that the artificial kind of leaf hammock product may deteriorate over time (as many aquatic products do), exposing the wire which runs through the middle to cause damage to fins or even rust. Of course if there are any signs of this taking place, the product must be removed immediately. Other than that factor, the many benefits of the leaf hammock can transform the life quality of your Betta, and when they start at a price of £2-£4, who can go wrong?