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The Amazon Crystal Tetra

20 July 2020

This small transparent schooling fish found throughout the Amazon that is very rarely imported. It is scientifically known as Protocheirodon pi.

Although it is mainly transparent, this fish is covered with numerous tiny black spots, particularly around the anal and dorsal fins, and it also has a black spot on the caudal peduncle.

One of its more unusual characteristics is a swim bladder divided into two lobes such that it resembles the Greek letter pi. Because this fish is so transparent, this feature is easily seen.

They are a hardy and undemanding fish, they are easily able to being their own individual flair to your planted or aquascaped aquariums and are best kept in groups of 5 or more.

A very peaceful species ideally suited to densely planted aquaria. It is an active swimmer when settled, preferring to move about in the middle of the tank.

Tankmates, if any, should be similar in size and temperament, and ideally species that occupy different levels of the aquarium. They feed readily on finely ground flake food, but appreciates live and frozen foods too, particularly daphnia, small bloodworms, etc. This stunning fish is best kept at 24-27C with soft, slightly acidic water being preferred.

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