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  • Source: Aquarium Glaser

    Species: Channa ornatipinnis

  • Source: Tropical Fish Finder

    Species: Serrasalmus rhombeus

NEW STOCK: Tropical Fish 2 Your Door (Wildwoods)

24 July 2020

Wildwoods, despite the huge difficulties Covid-19 has caused in trading fish (from Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, Peru, the Congo and many other countries), have still managed to source some really great specimens.

You will find a lovely range of fish available in our Tropical Fish 2 Your Door
-Channa ornatipinnis - Ornate Snakehead
- Synodontis lucipnna – beautiful (and true) German bred cats
- Crystal Tetras – Protocheirodon pi
- One only – Serrasalmus rhombeus – Rio Tocantins (wild caught approx 14-16cm)
- Limia tridens and Limia dominicensis – unusual livebearers
- Sewellia breviventralis – beautiful and unusual sp of the Hillstream loach
- Toxotes blythii – Clouded archers (larger size)
- Neolebias trewevassae – an unusual community characin (very shy)
- Pangio alternans – an unusual species of Khuli loach.

Why not have a browse of these A grade beauties today? Go on, treat yourself...