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Galaxy Rasbora: A Great Nano Tank Fish

07 February 2021

The Galaxy Rasbora is a small, brilliant coloured species which originates from Burma. Similar to a danio in basic shape but without barbels. The body is silvery with golden spots and the fins are red. Males are more brightly coloured than the females. Females have uncoloured pelvic fins.

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These fish were discovered in 2006 and have proven to be easy to breed. Unless you intend to breed these fish, it's probably more ethical to select these tank bred fish rather than wild-caught fish. They are great for beginner fish keepers and are a really smart choice of fish for a smaller aquarium or nano tank (9-10 gallons).
They are a little anxious at times but to ease their nerves, they would thrive in a well planted tank. In order to protect them from being left behind at feeding time, it is important to choose their tank mates with research and thought.

Males are active and spend a lot of time displaying to females and chasing one another. Otherwise these are very peaceful fish ideally suited to quiet community tanks alongside things like Corydoras and Otocinclus. Don't keep them with larger or more aggressive tankmates. Basic care is simple as they eat most foods, but watch their requirement for relatively cool conditions (20-24C), moderately hard and slightly alkaline water chemistry.

Breeding is quite simple. In good condition the males will colour up dramatically and the females will become more rounded. Spawning takes place across Java moss or some similar substrate with the eggs being scattered freely. As with danios, these fish are notorious egg-eaters and should be removed after spawning. The fry hatch within 5 days and the fry need infusoria at first and after a couple of days small live foods such as microworms.