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    Species: Rummynose Tetra

Meet the Petitella Family: Rummynose Tetras

17 March 2021

The Rummynose tetra is a freshwater fish from the Characidae family. There are three very similar species which are all popular and well known in the fish-keeping community and all three species are native to South America. They can be found swimming the depths of the Amazon River, with each species originating form a different region.

-Hemigrammus rhodostomus (The True Rummy Nose Tetra)

-Hemigrammus bleheri (Also known as The Brilliant/Common Rummy Nose Tetra)

-Petitella georgiae (The False Rummy Nose Tetra)

These three Rummynose tetras have now all officially moved to a single genus called Petitella. This was based on how similar they are to each other and another interesting point is that this genus, Petitella, is likely to become even bigger with he addition of several other Rummynose species.

"The sister-taxon relationship of the rummy-nose tetras Hemigrammus bleheri and Petitella georgiae was strongly supported by molecular and morphological data. Therefore, we propose to transfer the rummy-nose tetras H. bleheri and H. rhodostomus to the genus Petitella. Furthermore, Petitella georgiae is likely to be a species complex comprised of at least two species."
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