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The Black Lancer Catfish (In Stock)

12 May 2021

Bagrichthys macracanthus, commonly known as the Black Lancer Catfish, is a very distinctive and handsome catfish. This species is sooty-black in colour with a prominent white band running from below the dorsal fin to the base of the tail fin.

Males and females can be distinguished by the length of the barbels; those of the males are twice as long as those of the females.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):
Males are territorial and will likely fight but on the whole, females are quite peaceful. Beyond taking smaller fish as prey, these catfish are not difficult to accommodate, and will combine well with clown loaches, large gouramis, and other peaceful fish. IF you decide to keep a group of these fish, it is best opting for a ratio of one male to 3 or 4 females for a higher chance of success.

Best to be kept in a dimly lit aquarium as it is a nocturnal species. Feed small live and frozen foods like Artemia and bloodworm.

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