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19 June 2021

There is always a really great range of L Number Places available with Sims Tropical. Below is a small sample list of the range you will find online.

If you are searching for a Pleco to purchase, but it is not listed online, please get in touch and we will do our best to find it for you.

L25 Pleco Pseudacanthicus sp SCARLET 20cm WILD CAUGHT

Golden Sail Fin Hypostomus Luteus Phase Three Pleco 30cm

Blue Eyed Pleco Panaque Suttoni 20cm

L452 White Spotted Scarlet Pseudacanthicus New Variety 15cm WILD CAUGHT

Venezuelan Blue Eyed Pleco Panaque Suttonorum 10cm WILD CAUGHT

L95 Orange Cheek Pleco Pseudorinelepis 25cm WILD CAUGHT

L134 Pleco Pecktolia.compta Leopard Frog 6cm WILD CAUGHT

L007 Dracula Pleco Leporacanticus SP 20cm

L27 Longnose Royal Pleco Panaque Ambrusteri Xingu 10cm WILD CAUGHT

L264 Sultan Pleco Leporacanthicus Joselimai 10cm WILD CAUGHT

L397 Super Red Alenquer Tiger Pleco Panaqolus SP 5cm

L128 Pleco Ancistrinae Blue Phantom 12cm WILD CAUGHT

L200 Pleco Hemiancistrus Subviridis Green Phantom 12cm WILD CAUGHT

L34 Pleco Ancistrus Ranunculus Medusa 7cm WILD CAUGHT

L81 Pleco Baryancistrus Queen Fine Spot Golden nugget 8cm WILD CAUGHT

L91 Pleco Leporacanthicus Triactis Three Beacon 10cm WILD CAUGHT

Long Fin Super Red Bristlenose Pleco Ancistrus 3cm

Orange Bristlenose Pleco Ancistrus 3cm

Super White Bristlenose Pleco Ancistrus 3cm

Hilstream Loach Hong Kong Spotted Butterfly Pleco 4cm

Leopard Sail Fin Pleco Pterygoplichthys Gibbiceps 8cm