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Welcome to the tropical fish finder news service. We aim to be the complete resource for anyone that is keen on fish keeping, and in this section we will give you the latest news from the world of fish keeping as well as any future developments we are planning.

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A Glittery Rarity: Limia Perugiae at Lee Valley Aquatics

News item | 13 June 2019

This stunning and unique specimen can finally be found at Lee Valley Aquatics which is based in Essex. Lee Valley Aquatics is an independent aquatics store specialising in all kinds of freshwater fish. These wild-type livebearer fish originate from Dominican Republic …

Stocking Larger Community Tanks

News item | 26 May 2019

The basic rules for stocking communities of larger fish isn't really much different to stocking the standard communities of smaller fish, but there are some considerations that can make things more challenging. Obviously there's the issue that bigger fish demand …

Red-tailed Red-eye Dwarf Puffer at The Water Zoo

News item | 19 May 2019

Among the many interesting, rare and oddball species available at The WaterZoo are Red-tailed Red-eye Dwarf Puffer. A small pufferfish with red eyes, cream coloured belly, and a mottled brown body. Unlike other dwarf puffers this fish has a distinctive …

L Numbers at Wildwoods

News item | 09 May 2019

Wildwoods have a huge selection of L Number catfish in stock at the moment with many rarities included and many in very short supply. They include the following:- Spectracanthicus sp. L354 - Only one available. click here. L333 Hypancistrus sp.L333 …

Latest arrivals at The Aquatic Design Centre

News item | 30 April 2019

The Aquatic Design Centre based in Balham, South London have lots of new arrivals this week and their stock list caters for all interests. They have for example a fantastic range of Rainbow fish species in stock such as Pseudomugil …

Latest fish arrivals and rarities at Abacus Aquatics

News item | 20 April 2019

If you have not yet visited Abacus Aquatics it is time you should! They have one of the best reputations in the industry for supply quality and healthy fish and they are also extremely well known for stocking unusual species …

Latest import news at Wildwoods

News item | 15 April 2019

Wildwoods have taken delivery of lots of new species this week which are available via their TF2YD shop account. This includes one species of catfish which we have not seen on TFF before, Leptodoras cataniai. Just a few of the …

Asian Tiger Fish now available on TF2YD

News item | 04 April 2019

If you have a community aquarium with larger species you might well be interested in adding the Asian Tiger Fish, Datnioides undecimradiatus. Though predatory, these fish are not especially aggressive and can mix well with community fish too large to …

Latest arrivals at Aquatic Design Centre

News item | 21 March 2019

The latest arrivals at Aquatic Design Centre are now available to view on their website which you can access via this link. As always the shop has an enviable range of fish available including a large selection of marines …

Stock list review : Lee Valley Aquatics

News item | 11 March 2019

Lee Valley Aquatics is a new freshwater and marine aquarium at the Tyndalls Garden Centre in Sedge Green, near Nazeing, Essex. While the store itself is newly opened, the staff have a wealth of experienced within the industry, and that's …

Snakeheads at Wildwoods

News item | 10 March 2019

Wildwoods have just taken delivery of several species of Snakehead, some of which we have not seen on TFF before. They are all in short supply so act quickly if you are interested in obtaining one. They will all be …

Welcome to Lee Valley Aquatics

News item | 06 March 2019

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Lee Valley Aquatics who have joined TFF. The shop is a relatively new one, but it is already gaining a good reputation for supplying quality fish with many rare and oddball …

Stock list review : The WaterZoo

News item | 27 February 2019

The WaterZoo is a remarkably well-stocked aquarium shop in central Peterborough that has been highly regarded among hobbyists for many years now. Besides the generous selection of fish and marine invertebrates on sale, the shop has acquired a reputation for …

Bangor University to promote marine fish breeding with national aquariums

News item | 17 February 2019

Any attempts to promote the breeding of marine fish species which reduces the demand on wild caught fish has to be welcomed and the recent news that Bangor University is working alongside institutions such as The Zoological Society of London …

Hypancistrus zebra available at The WaterZoo

News item | 11 February 2019

The Water Zoo based in Peterborough have a superb selection of fish in stock at the moment with lots of rarities and oddball species. This includes the stunning and now because of the export restrictions rarely seen Hypancistrus zebra which …

Updating Pictures

Apologies for the loss of service

News item | 05 February 2019

Unfortunately a failure with our hosting company took our website down for four days which is unprecedented for us (our first outage in 16 years!). Normal service is almost resumed, although there may be a few errors on the site …

Red Licorice Gourami available at Wildwoods

News item | 05 February 2019

There are some stunning anabantoids which can be found in the shops, but at the top of the list have to be the licorice gouramis. If you provide them with the correct conditions these fish will look fantastic. Wildwoods have …

Ember Barbs available on Tropicalfish2yourdoor

News item | 21 January 2019

Ember Barbs in full colour look fantastic as you can see from the attached picture. They are not seen that often in the shops, but Widlwoods in Enfield have a limited number now available on their Tropicalfish2yourdoor account. To find …

Latest arrivals at Wildwoods

News item | 18 January 2019

Wildwoods have just taken delivery of a species of catfish which we have not seen on TFF before: Tenellus trimaculatus They will be available shortly via their TF2YD shop which you can access here. …

Hassle free aquarium sale at Aquatic Design Centre

News item | 11 January 2019

For those that do not have the time to create an aquarium, the Aquatic Design Centre have the perfect answer. They have a limited number of aquariums that are set up and …

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