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Welcome to the tropical fish finder news service. We aim to be the complete resource for anyone that is keen on fish keeping, and in this section we will give you the latest news from the world of fish keeping as well as any future developments we are planning.

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Copper Mouthbrooder in stock at The WaterZoo

News item | 10 August 2018

If you are seeking an interesting fish to breed, the Copper Mouthbrooder is worth considering. A small mouthbrooding species. Sexual dimorphism obvious. Though not as strikingly coloured as some other Pseudocrenilabrus, the males sport an attractive pattern of blue and …

Red Wolf Fish back in stock at Wildwoods

News item | 01 August 2018

Wildwoods currently have in stock Red Wolf fish which are a favourite of aquarists with experience of keeping more specialised fish.A big, territorial, and highly predatory characin only suitable for the advanced aquarist. These fish do not coexist with one …

Latest stock arrivals at The Aquatic Design Centre

News item | 26 July 2018

The Aquatic Design Centre based in Balham, South London. Just some of the exciting features of The Aquatic Design Centre are listed below. To view the latest arrivals, please click here. Browse over 700 tanks full of livestock We are now …

Flowerhorns at Wildwoods

News item | 16 July 2018

Although Flowerhorns are a hybrid species and will not appeal to every enthusiast there is no doubt that some of the colours that are being developed in these fish make them an impressive fish for the aquarium. Wildwoods based in …

Aquatic Design Centre Shop Video

News item | 05 July 2018

The Aquatic Design Centre now have a video available of their fabulous new shop in Balham, London. Just a few of the features of Aquatic Design Centre are listed below along with the video. The shop is a must visit …

Latest import news at Wildwoods

News item | 21 June 2018

Wildwoods have just taken delivery of three new species of fish which we have not seen on TFF before. They are listed below and will all be available to buy on Wildwoods TF2YD store shortly. Ancistrus sp. Black Eyed Yellow Bristlenose Gymnotus …

New livestock lists at The Aquatic Design Centre

News item | 14 June 2018

New stock is constantly arriving at The Aquatic Design Centre based in Balham, London. Links to the latest exciting fish that you can now buy are listed below. Freshwater Fish, Shrimps and other Invertebrates :- here. Marine Fish and Invertebrates : here. Aquatic Plants …

Rare and unusual tetras from South America

News item | 10 June 2018

The range of tetras exported from South America has been steadily increasing over the years. In this article we’ll be looking at some of the less familiar tetras currently imported. While most are eminently suitable for the community tank, some …

Community Catfish and Loaches at The WaterZoo

News item | 28 May 2018

The WaterZoo in Peterborough is regularly included amongst the best aquarium shops in the country. It's not just the generous selection of livestock on sale that's secured that reputation, but the helpful and well trained staff as well, so that …

Aquatic themed garden at the Chelsea Flower show wins Gold.

News item | 28 May 2018

A garden at the Chelsea Flower Show which has an aquatic theme has won a Gold medal this week. The garden included a series of very large cylindrical aquariums which were installed by the Aquatic Design Centre. We have replicated …

Latest imports at Wildwoods

News item | 18 May 2018

Wildwoods based in Enfield, Middlesex have loaded three new species onto their stock list today which we have not see on TFF before. Geophagus sveni Cochliodon basilisko – Red Bruno Plec Myloplus torquatu To visit Wildwoods TF2YD shop where you can order fish for …

Distichodus, Congo Tetras and other African Characins

News item | 13 May 2018

Although aquarists usually associate characins with South America, the geographical range of the order Characiformes is much wider than that, including Central America and Africa as well. Central American characins are not routinely traded -- the blind cave-dwelling form of …

More export restrictions in Brazil

News item | 03 May 2018

We understand that several species of L Number catfish are due to be banned from export in Brazil in the very near future. These include as follows:- L14 L31 L48 L133 L134 L253 L264 The authorities in Brazil will no doubt argue the fact that over collection is …

Rare loach alert : Micronemacheilus cruciatus now available at Wildwoods

News item | 23 April 2018

Commonly known as Vietnamese Hovering Loaches, Micronemacheilus cruciatus has not been seen in shops for a good two years, but Wildwoods based in Enfield, Middlesex have managed to obtain a few fish which are now available. Demand is likely to …

Nandopsis available at Wholesale Tropicals

News item | 18 April 2018

Among the huge number of fish currently available at Wholesale Tropicals in London are Nandopsis Beani and Nandopsis tetracanthus. Nandopsis beani are not the easiest fish to keep due to the fact that they are an aggressive, and territorial species …

South American dwarf cichlids

News item | 13 April 2018

South America is home to a vast array of tropical fishes. Many of these fishes have become immensely popular within the aquatics industry such as the Neon Tetra or Red Bellied Piranha. One group of fish that have become particularly …

African river and lake themed tank ideas

News item | 08 April 2018

Tanks based around an African river or lake theme have always been popular with aquarists after something more authentic than a traditional community tank. There are, of course, the Rift Valley cichlids and catfish of Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika, and …

Rare Livebearers

News item | 30 March 2018

Livebearers are enduringly popular with aquarists, generally being small, lively fish that are easy to keep and breed. With a few exceptions, they are good community fish, and several species have become hobby staples, notably the farmed fancy Guppies, Mollies, …

Biotope Aquaria

News item | 16 March 2018

The idea of a biotope aquarium is to try and recreate specific places and environments in as authentic a way as possible. You may want to do this simply for the challenge, but often the fish species being kept need …

Rare Congo Tetras at Wildwoods

News item | 12 March 2018

Wildwoods currentlly have what is likely to be the best range of Congo Tetras available in the country at the moment, several of which are rare species. To give you a full view of the fish they have available Wildwoods …

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