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APC Have resumed normal delivery service

Due to extra demand for delivery slots and limited staffing here, we are having to restrict the number of orders we can cope with - please keep checking as we release new delivery dates every week. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please note, it is possible that orders may be slower than usual so although we expect orders to arrive before lunchtime, they could be as late as 5pm. All shipments are packed for a 48hour journey regardless.

Our fish carrier APC have now RESUMED NORMAL DELIVERIES There are no weekend deliveries. Charges are £18.95 per box for orders over £30 and £21.95 per box for small orders.

BEFORE YOU ORDER : We can only send fish (on a next day service) to Mainland UK destinations. No Islands, no Highlands. Please check with us if you are unsure. For Scottish addresses, please check the list of postcodes that are restricted by our courier before placing an order.

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Welcome to the Wildwoods online TFF shop. The latest fish stock we have for online ordering is listed below. Click on a stock item for full details and to buy your fish now. Remember we have thousands of other fish not yet listed so if you are looking for something in particular, please contact us direct. Order BEFORE 12.30 to ARRIVE BEFORE 12.30 the following day. (Excl.Scotland which is 4.00pm) There are no deliveries on Saturday, Sunday, Monday,Tuesday or Friday. There are no Wednesday deliveries following a Bank Holiday.

Before you place an order with Wildwoods, please consider the following:

Many of our fishes are rare or may have very specific requirements, please do not order fish unless you are certain that you are able to look after them correctly and house them appropriately when they are adult. Please do not order too many fishes at once and ensure that your aquarium is fully matured before adding new arrivals. Please ensure that the fishes that you purchase are compatible with each other or with your existing livestock as we are unable to exchange them after purchase. Wildwoods award winning Fish House has been supplying the UK hobbyist for more than thirty years; we care about our fish and will only supply stock that we believe to be in top condition and fit to travel. Wildwoods ship freshwater tropical and temperate fishes as well as pondfish and fancy goldfish. No marines.

Wildwoods has been awarded a 5 Star Rating by Enfield Council and has attained the Highest Standard in Animal Welfare.

Licence No: LN/200800801
World of Water @ Wildwoods, Wildwoods,
Theobalds Park Road, ENFIELD, EN2 9BW

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Black Harlequin Rasbora heteromorpha Trigonostigma heteromorpha "Black"

A popular fish that is widely available in the shops. When these fish are mature they display a strong coppery colouration with a purple-black patch on each flank. They look very impressive when kept as a group in a shady, well-planted community tank. Usually they look quite …

Category: Rasboras & Bororas

Size: 1-2cm

Price: £3.45 each

Discount: No discounts available

Stock: 12 in stock

Updating Pictures
Albino Powder Blue Cichlid Pseudotropheus socolofi "Albino"

  Pseudotropheus socolofi   is a brilliantly coloured mbuna with a bright blue body, prominent yellow egg spots on the anal fin, and black-and-turquoise blue fringe to the dorsal, anal and pelvic fins. Regional varieties occur in different parts of the lake, having more or less …

Category: Cichlids - Malawi - Pseudotropheus / Maylandia / Metriaclima / Chindongo

Size: 6-7cm

Price: £8.95 each

Discount: No discounts available

Stock: 20 in stock

Updating Pictures
Hi-fin Variatus Platy Xiphophorus variatus

Mixed colours , stunning fish …

Category: Livebearers - Community

Size: 2-3cm

Price: £4.95 each

Discount: No discounts available

Stock: 40 in stock

Long Nosed Sand Knifefish Trumpet Knifefish Rhamphichthys rostratus

Unusual Species. …

Category: Knife Fish & Mormyrids

Size: 10-12cm

Price: £37.95 each

Discount: No discounts available

Stock: 1 in stock

Fruit-Eating Piranha Pygopristis denticulatus

Rarely available species. …

Category: Predatory - Piranhas

Size: 6-8cm

Price: £64.95 each

Discount: No discounts available

Stock: 2 in stock

Columbian Tetra/ Red Finned Blue Tetra Hyphessobrycon columbianus

A peaceful, hardy tetra that works will in most community tanks. These fish are metallic and the exact colours vary from blue to pink depending on the light. The fins are red, particularly the tail fin. …

Category: Characins - Community

Size: 1-2cm

Price: £3.45 each

Discount: Buy 10 or more Columbian Tetra/ Red Finned Blue Tetra Hyphessobrycon columbianus and get 5% off!!

Stock: 40 in stock

Longtail spiny eel Caecomastacembelus frenatus Mastacembelus frenatus

Beautiful species of eel from Lake Tanganyika. Rarely available …

Category: Eels

Size: 8-10cm

Price: £42.95 each

Discount: No discounts available

Stock: 8 in stock

Updating Pictures
Golden Honey Gourami Colisa sota sp

Yellow Honey Gouramies …

Category: Anabantoids -Gouramies

Size: 3-4cm

Price: £6.95 each

Discount: No discounts available

Stock: 25 in stock

Updating Pictures
Trewavas'' Neolebias Neolebias trewavasae

Unusual species of tetra. …

Category: Characins - Community

Size: 2-3cm

Price: £16.95 each

Discount: No discounts available

Stock: 6 in stock

Hassar orestis

Category: Catfish - Doradidae

Size: 8-10cm

Price: £44.95 each

Discount: No discounts available

Stock: 3 in stock

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