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Tiger Barb Barbus tetrazona Puntius tetrazona

The 'good old tiger barb' ever popular, these fish should be kept in shoals of 5 or more to stop them nipping at the fins of other tankmates. …

Category: Barbs

Size: 2-3cm

Price: £1.95 each

Discount: Buy 5 or more Tiger Barb Barbus tetrazona Puntius tetrazona and get 10% off!!

Stock: 25 in stock

Denison Barb Barbus(Puntius) denisonii

A very impressive looking barb that is now becoming more common in shops is Puntius denisoni. They are native to the South Western Coast of India. You can see from the attached photograph that they have a vivid red line and for this reason they are sometimes referred …

Category: Barbs

Size: 3-4cm

Price: £12.95 each

Discount: No discounts available

Stock: 20 in stock

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