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Last shipping day before Christmas is 19th December. Shipping will resume on Thursday 3rd January. There is no service between these dates.

Our fish carrier APC now only ship fishes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (except after Bank Holiday weeks). There are no weekend deliveries. Charges are £18.95 per box for orders over £30 and £21.95 per box for small orders.

BEFORE YOU ORDER : We can only send fish, on a next day service, to Mainland UK destinations.No Islands , no Highlands. Please check with us if you are unsure.

Tropical Fish 2 Your Door

Welcome to the Wildwoods online TFF shop. The latest fish stock we have for online ordering is listed below. Click on a stock item for full details and to buy your fish now. Remember we have thousands of other fish not yet listed so if you are looking for something in particular, please contact us direct. Order BEFORE 12.30 to ARRIVE BEFORE 12.30 the following day. (Excl.Scotland which is 4.00pm) There are no deliveries on Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. There are no Wednesday deliveries following a Bank Holiday.

Before you place an order with Wildwoods, please consider the following:

Many of our fishes are rare or may have very specific requirements, please do not order fish unless you are certain that you are able to look after them correctly and house them appropriately when they are adult. Please do not order too many fishes at once and ensure that your aquarium is fully matured before adding new arrivals. Please ensure that the fishes that you purchase are compatible with each other or with your existing livestock as we are unable to exchange them after purchase. Wildwoods award winning Fish House has been supplying the UK hobbyist for more than thirty years; we care about our fish and will only supply stock that we believe to be in top condition and fit to travel. At this time Wildwoods only ship freshwater tropical and temperate livestock; not marines.

Select from our main shop sections below to view the categories for each section.

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Our most recent items are shown below, but you can narrow your search by selecting from the categories on the left hand side.

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Red Finned Shark Epalzeorhynchos frenatum

The Ruby or Red-Finned Shark should always be kept singly or in very large groups as they are a territorial species. …

Category: Sharks & Labeos

Size: 4-6cm

Price: £5.95 each

Discount: No discounts available

Stock: 19 in stock

Javanese Loach Pangio oblonga

The black khuli loach. Best lept in groups. …

Category: Loaches

Size: 4-5cm

Price: £4.95 each

Discount: Buy 5 or more Pangio oblonga and get 10% off!!

Stock: 15 in stock

Bristlenose Catfish Starlight Bristlenose Ancistrus dolichop...

One of the lovely 'Starlight Plecs. a really good beginners fish that will stay small and do a good job on the algae! Becoming hard to source now. …

Category: Catfish - Loricariidae

Size: 5-6cm

Price: £29.95 each

Discount: No discounts available

Stock: 5 in stock

Peckoltia braueri Worm Line Peckoltia, Hemiancistrus braueri...

The Wormline Plec - not often available these days, which is a shame as they are a really nice L-Number. New Larger Size! …

Category: Catfish - Loricariidae

Size: 10-11cm

Price: £59.95 each

Discount: No discounts available

Stock: 2 in stock

Hypostomus sp. Honeycomb Plec L037

The Honeycomb Plec. …

Category: Catfish - Loricariidae

Size: 12-13cm

Price: £47.95 each

Discount: Buy 3 or more L037 and get 15% off!!

Stock: 5 in stock

Updating Pictures
Watermelon Plec L027a L330 Panaque sp.

Fantastic full spotted watermelon plec. …

Category: Catfish - Loricariidae

Size: 18-20cm

Price: £179.95 each

Discount: No discounts available

Stock: Temporarily out of stock

Peckoltia sp. Leopard Peckoltia L008

One of the best 'entry level' fancy plecs. Attractive, hardy and inexpensive. also known as the Leopard Peckoltia …

Category: Catfish - Loricariidae

Size: 8-10cm

Price: £19.95 each

Discount: Buy 3 or more L008 and get 15% off!!

Stock: Temporarily out of stock

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