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Coral are incredible marine invertebrates that create a beautiful part of a healthy reef. Coral lives in tropical oceans where they secrete calcium carbonate, forming a skeleton. They contain some of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet, protecting coastlines from the damage that waves can cause and providing a nutrient-rich habitat for a significant number of different types of marine life.
Coral grows in two forms – hard coral (the hard bone-like calcium structure), and soft coral (the more malleable part which provides the vibrant colours and textures of the reef).

If you love to keep fish, adding Coral to your aquarium can be a smart move. Not only will this cheer up the aesthetic providing a range of colours and textures, Coral can also help to keep fish and other marine life happy by creating a thriving ecosystem for them to inhabit. Learning about how to keep coral can also become an engaging and absorbing hobby too!

So if you are interested in buying captivating corals for your aquarium, whether you are looking for hard corals or soft corals, we are delighted to offer the very best range, the ultimate in quality, and pride ourselves on our excellent value prices and speedy delivery too!

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Chaeto Macro Algae Chaetomorpha

Easy to care for, brightly coloured algae. …

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