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Penguin Tetra Boehlk's Penguin Tetra Thayeria boehlkei

Category: Characins - Community

Size: 3-4cm

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Fish type: tropical
Male or Female Cannot be sexed
Water conditions: These fish are currently kept in water Ph 7.8 and Hard
Breeding: TBC
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Size: 3-4cm

Thayeria boehlkei (Penguin Tetra, Boehlk's Penguin Tetra)

A silvery fish with a bold black stripe running along the flanks and then down into the lower half of the tail fin. These fish swim horizonally, but when 'treading water' tend to adopt a head-upwards orientation.

The name "penguin tetra" was originally applied to Thayeria obliqua, a similar, but less frequently seen species where the black band runs from behind the dorsal fin and onto the tail.

A peaceful, comical fish that makes a good addition to the community tank. Do not keep with aggressive or predatory tankmates.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

Very peaceful and warmly recommended for the community tank. Does best in soft, acid water but can tolerate moderately hard, even slightly brackish, water conditions. Will only breed in soft water, however. Intolerant of low oxygen concentrations, poor filtration, and high nitrates. Only keep in a mature aquarium.

Easy to breed and prolific. Hundreds of eggs are scattered among Java moss and other fluffy benthic plants. Remove the parents after spawning or they may eat the eggs. A water change after spawning is recommended because of the large quantities of eggs and sperm produced. The fry hatch out after about a day, and will need very small live foods such as infusoria.

Fish Details:

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Distribution South America
Temperature 23-27C
Size 6 cm
Water Parameters Should adapt to most water conditions
Water PH 6.0-7.5