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Guntea loach Lepidocephalus guntea Lepidocephalichthys guntea

Category: Loaches

Size: 4-5cm

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Further details:

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Fish type: tropical
Male or Female Cannot be sexed
Water conditions: These fish are currently kept in water Ph 7.8 and Hard
Breeding: TBC
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Size: 4-5cm

Lepidocephalichthys guntea (Guntea loach, Lepidocephalus guntea)

Superficially similar to the common weather loach in size and shape. Sandy coloured body with a dark band along each flank and a dark mottled dorsal surface. Colour varies depending on mood and environment.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

A peaceful, even sociable loach that can be maintained in a community tank with no problems. These are burrowing loaches and should only be kept in tanks where there is fine sand for digging; gravel damages their skin allowing infections to set it. Basic care otherwise similar to other loaches.

Not bred in captivity.

Fish Details:

Further fish details are shown below:

Distribution India to Thailand
Temperature 24-26 C
Size 15 cm
Water Parameters Adaptable, but avoid extremes
Water PH 6.5-7.5