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Green Glass Knifefish Eigenmannia virescens

Category: Knife Fish & Mormyrids

Size: 8-9cm

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Care Level: Difficult

Water Chemistry: less than pH 7 - acidic

Sociability: Peaceful

Diet: Special Needs

Schooling Fish: Yes

Further details:

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Fish type: tropical
Male or Female Cannot be sexed
Water conditions: These fish are currently kept in water Ph 7.0 and Neutral
Breeding: TBC
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Size: 8-9cm

Eigenmannia virescens (Green Glass Knifefish)

Eigenmannia are slender knifefish with quite a short 'body' and a very long 'tail'. There are a number of species, many of which are difficult to tell apart. In general they are transparent, usually with a brownish or olive tone, and with varying longitudinal markings running along the flanks.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

The glass knifefishes of the family Sternopygidae are widely distributed across tropical South America where they inhabit streams and rivers, usually in quite fast-flowing water. Although not commonly traded, they are gregarious and quite peaceful, and make good additions to the aquarium provided their needs are met.

Tankmates should be chose with great care. These fish are easy targets for fin-nippers or aggressively territorial fish, but work well with peaceful midwater fish (tetras, danios, minnows, etc). Like most other electric fish, they can be intolerant of other electric fish, though they do want company of their own species.

Water quality must be excellent. A good water current and regular water changes are essential. Water chemistry is of secondary importance, though slight soft and acidic water would be the ideal.

Glass knifefishes live in groups, but they can be prone to aggression towards one another when kept in insufficient numbers; a school of six or more specimens should be considered the minimum. Under such conditions they will constantly squabble with one another over position in the pecking order but otherwise do no harm. Singletons are prone to being shy and reclusive, and rarely fare well in the long term.

Glass knifefishes feed almost entirely on small invertebrates that they find among plant debris. In the aquarium brine shrimps, daphnia, bloodworms, etc are all relished. Dried foods are rarely accepted.

Sex differences are not obvious, though it is believed females are smaller than males. Breeding is known in aquaria.

Fish Details:

Further fish details are shown below:

Distribution South America: Amazon and Orinoco River basins
Temperature 24-28 C
Size 20-30 cm
Water Parameters Soft and slightly acidic water preferred, but fairly adaptable