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Red & Black Oranda - Broadtail Orchid Tail - Fancy Goldfish Carassius auratus

Category: Coldwater Fish - Fancy Goldfish

Size: 14-16cm

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Fabulous large size of these Thai Broadtail Orandas!

Size includes tail fins

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Fish type: coldwater
Male or Female Cannot be sexed
Water conditions: These fish are currently kept in water Ph 7.8 and Hard
Breeding: TBC
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Size: 14-16cm

Carassius auratus (Red & Black Oranda - Broadtail, Orchid Tail - Fancy Goldfish)

An Oranda is a breed of fancy goldfish characterised by a prominent bubble-like "hood" on the head. This head growth or hood is called a wen or crown.

Broadtail refers to any type of fancy goldfish that has a broad finnage and lacks the forks on the edge of the tail.

The wen is a prominent, fleshy, brain-like growth on the top of the fish's cranial region and sometimes it may encase the entire face except for the eyes and mouth. The mass is benign and actually comes from selective breeding.

Due to the cute appearance the wen gives, the Oranda has become one of the most popular goldfish.

In the UK the show standard for Orandas leans towards the broadtail variety.

The Oranda is a metallic or matte scaled goldfish that is similar in appearance to the Veiltail. It has a large, long and deep body accompanied by a long quadruple tail.

This four lobed and contracted tail normally spreads out broadly when the Oranda stops swimming. The back does not rise up to form a hump like that of the Ryukin.

Orandas are available in a variety of colours. The most common are; orange, red, red with white, red with black, black, blue, chocolate, bronze, silvery white, black with white (panda coloured), red with white (tricoloured) and finally calico coloured.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

Orandas are sensitive to low water temperatures and can be kept with other goldfish. If their wen grows too much, it may hinder vision. Therefore it is advised to keep them with other goldfish with similarly poor vision in order to make sure that they do not starve because of the able-sighted competition.

Some aquarists prefer to trim the wen off of the goldfish by using a scissor to prevent blindness. This is done by dousing with peroxide to prevent from damaging essential areas around the face or body.

Their wen is also susceptible to injury from rough objects placed in their residence therefore great care must be taken when choosing aquarium decor.

The head growth of young fry may take one to two years to develop. The Oranda can reach 20-30cm in length. Sometimes the wen grows enormously covering the eyes of the goldfish. Due to this, the eyesight may become limited or even blind.

Special care should be given to the wen because it is prone to bacterial infections. The Oranda can tolerate temperatures from 17-28°C.

Oranda goldfish are especially sensitive to cold temperatures, more so than other goldfish.

Fish Details:

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Distribution Asia
Size 20-30CM