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Black Widow Tetra Gymnocorymbus ternetzi

Category: Characins - Community

Size: 2-3cm

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Further details:

Further information can be found below:

Fish type: tropical
Male or Female Cannot be sexed
Water conditions: These fish are currently kept in water Ph 7.8 and Hard
Breeding: TBC
Volume Discount: Buy 10 or more Black Widow Tetra Gymnocorymbus ternetzi and get 10% off!!
Size: 2-3cm

Gymnocorymbus ternetzi (Black Widow Tetra)

A robust, deep bodied tetra distinctly remeniscent of a small angelfish. Young specimens are especially nicely coloured, with a silvery body at front becoming more dusky towards the tail, and two dark bands behind the pectoral fin. As the fish mature the colours become less intense.

The sexes are difficult to tell apart, though females tend to be bigger and more rounded.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

A notorious fin-nipper, this fish must be kept in large groups (at least a dozen) or the fish will turn on one another, shredding their fins. This is especially noticeable with the fancy 'veil-tail' varieties.

Black widow tetras will also attack other, slow moving fish in the aquarium, and so must never be kept with fish such as angelfish, gouramis, bettas, or guppies.

Breeding is not difficult. These fish are egg scatterers, and the eggs hatch after about 24 hours. Once free swimming, the fry can be raised easily on newly hatched brine shrimp, powdered flake, and other small foods.

Fish Details:

Further fish details are shown below:

Distribution South America
Temperature 21-26C
Size 5-6 cm, females being larger
Water Parameters Prefers soft and slightly acidic water, but should adapt to most water conditions
Water PH 6.0-7.5