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Red-top Cynotilapia Cynotilapia afra 'Red Top'

Category: Cichlids - Malawi - Cynotilapia

Size: 4-5cm

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These are Cyn. afra 'Fletti'.

Further details:

Further information can be found below:

Fish type: tropical
Male or Female Cannot be sexed
Water conditions: These fish are currently kept in water Ph 7.8 and Neutral
Breeding: TBC
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Size: 4-5cm

Cynotilapia afra 'Red Top' (Red-top Cynotilapia)

Males are dark blue with thick lighter blue bands that become thicker towards the tail. The dorsal fin is reddish-yellow. Females drab in comparison.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

A relatively quiet and inoffensive species that fares poorly when kept with more aggressive cichlids. Likes a tank with hiding places and plants for shade. Omnivores, they feed on plankton and algae in the wild but appreciate a variety of foods in captivity. Typical moutbrooder in terms of breeding.

Fish Details:

Further fish details are shown below:

Distribution Lake Malawi, Africa
Temperature 22-26C
Size Relatively small, less than 10 cm
Water Parameters Hard, alkaline water essential
Water PH 7.5-8.5