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Tonkin Bitterling Acheilognathus tonkinensis

Category: Temperate Fish

Size: 4-5cm

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Care Level: Easy

Sociability: Peaceful

Rarely available species of Chinese bitterling.

Stunning fish!

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Fish type: tropical
Male or Female Males only
Water conditions: These fish are currently kept in water Ph 6.8 and Hard
Breeding: TBC
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Size: 4-5cm

Acheilognathus tonkinensis (Tonkin Bitterling, Rainbow Bitterling)

The bitterlings belong to a sub familiy of the great and diverse carp family. Here we have a very deep bodied species which may grow to around 10 cm long and originates from southern China, Vietnam, and Laos.

Strangely, few aquarists are interested in bitterlings, for all species are brillant colored and are very interesting due to their brood-parasitism (all species of bitterling place their eggs in living freshwater mussels where they hatch.)

Acheilognathus tonkinensis are one of the most magnificent and difficult to get hold of bitterling.

The males are silvery-grey with bright pinkish-red areas on head and tail peduncle. They certainly have a stunning rainbow sheen to their body with a prominent white margin on anal fin whereas the females can be a little duller in colour with a general all over greyish appearance.

In ancient Greek, Acheilognathus means about “without lips on the jaws” and tonkinensis is the name given after a geographical term (“Tonkin”) for the northernmost part of Vietnam.

Fish information (behaviour and breeding):

Keeping these subtropical fish is easy and a great choice for beginner aquarists. It is not necessary to heat the tank- being placed in a house is perfectly acceptable; this makes these particular fish energy saving and environmental friendly!

Bitterlings feed on all types of commercial fish food and are extremely peaceful to all tankmates. Plants are usually ignored and if a bitterling starts nibbling on plants, it is a sign that the keeper should add more plant material to the fishfood.

Fish Details:

Further fish details are shown below:

Distribution Southern China, Vietnam, Laos
Temperature 18-22 C
Size 9.5cm