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Coral are incredible marine invertebrates that create a beautiful part of a healthy reef. Coral lives in tropical oceans where they secrete calcium carbonate, forming a skeleton. They contain some of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet, protecting coastlines from the damage that waves can cause and providing a nutrient-rich habitat for a significant number of different types of marine life.
Coral grows in two forms – hard coral (the hard bone-like calcium structure), and soft coral (the more malleable part which provides the vibrant colours and textures of the reef).

If you love to keep fish, adding Coral to your aquarium can be a smart move. Not only will this cheer up the aesthetic providing a range of colours and textures, Coral can also help to keep fish and other marine life happy by creating a thriving ecosystem for them to inhabit. Learning about how to keep coral can also become an engaging and absorbing hobby too!

So if you are interested in buying captivating corals for your aquarium, whether you are looking for hard corals or soft corals, we are delighted to offer the very best range, the ultimate in quality, and pride ourselves on our excellent value prices and speedy delivery too!

Fraggle Reef Fish Stock Refunds & Returns

We are extremely confident in the health of all livestock we send out and combined with our shipping methods offer our Live Arrival Guarantee. In order to eligible for our Live Arrival Guarantee, please note the following:



In the unlikelihood of your order being DOA please email us on the day of receipt, info@Fragglefeef.com within 1 hour of signing for delivery, to inform us of the matter. Also, within 24 hours, you will be required to provide photographic evidence of the marine life in its original container, and also out of its container, but still in water. Photographs taken of the marine life not in water, will not be accepted, as some marine life can look distorted/dead out of water. Without clear photographic evidence we are unable to process a claim.

• All photographs need to be clear and not distorted. Photographs that do not clearly show their subject will be unable to be accepted as evidence.

• Failure to be present to sign for your parcel on the first delivery attempt will void all claims. Failure to follow Fraggle Reef specified DOA reporting procedure will also void any claims.

• On satisfactory evidence that the marine life is DOA a credit note will be issued.

Please see review our recommended Acclimatisation Procedures below to ensure your new marine life adjusts to your system with the least possible stress:

Fraggle Reef Dry Goods Refunds & Returns


Fraggle Reef Fish Stock Shipping & Delivery

We offer a variety of shipping options to suit you. Once you’ve placed your order, and payment is confirmed, we will then be in contact with you to arrange a suitable delivery day. We do not send out anything without arranging a delivery date with you.

We do everything possible to reduce stress on your livestock during shipping and to help ensure that everything arrives alive and healthy.

Please continue reading to learn more about how we pack up your orders, how we ship your livestock, shipping rates, and what shipping options are available.

UK Mainland (England, Wales, Scotland):

FREE shipping on orders over £150
Tuesday to Saturday delivery via DPD Next Day By 12 Express Delivery – £18.95

UK Non-Mainland (Islands etc.,)

Fixed charge of £34.99, but above £150 delivery reduced to £15.00
No Saturday Delivery to Republic of Ireland
Precise delivery day will depend on frequency of Royal Mail transportation.

It starts with the box…
Would you believe some vendors re-use old, soggy shipping boxes?

We use only high-quality, appropriately sized, NEW shipping boxes for each order.

Inside the box we use a thick insulated cooler to protect your livestock. Most other vendors use a cheaper container which doesn’t provide as much protection or insulation.

Every coral is double- and sometimes even tripled-bagged.

We don’t skimp on water just to save ourselves a few pounds on shipping – each bag contains plenty of water. Delicate corals are “floated” in the bag to prevent damage.

Any necessary heat packs are then attached to the underside of the container lid, to help maintain the correct temperature for your livestock during transit.

Finally, the lid is secured on top of the polystyrene container and the box is closed using LOTS of tape to make absolutely sure that nothing gets in or out during shipping.

Obviously there are expenses involved in doing all of this, and therefore added to all shipped orders. Rather than raise the price of our livestock to cover these expenses.

We will hold orders for a maximum of 2 weeks upon request.

20% cancellation fee for any WYSIWYG order cancellations or store credit for 1 year.

We do require signature for delivery, we urge you to please put your livestock in your aquarium as soon as it is delivered.

Region  Day Under £150 Over £150 Time
England & Wales Tuesday £18.95 £0 Before 1:00pm
England & Wales Wednesday £18.95 £0 Before 1:00pm
England & Wales Thursday £18.95 £0 Before 1:00pm
Scottish Highlands Tuesday £34.99 £15 Before 1:00pm
Scottish Highlands Wednesday £34.99 £15 Before 1:00pm
Scottish Highlands Thursday £34.99 £15 Before 1:00pm
Northern Ireland Tuesday £34.99 £15 Before 1:00pm
Northern Ireland Wednesday £34.99 £15 Before 1:00pm
Northern Ireland Thursday £34.99 £15 Before 1:00pm
Isle of Wight Tuesday £34.99 £15 Before 1:00pm
Isle of Wight Wednesday £34.99 £15 Before 1:00pm
Isle of Wight Thursday £34.99 £15 Before 1:00pm
Scotland Tuesday £18.95 £0 Before 1:00pm
Scotland Wednesday £18.95 £0 Before 1:00pm
Scotland Thursday £18.95 £0 Before 1:00pm

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If you have any questions concerning the fish that you would like to order please contact the shop you are using directly.

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