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Fish Refunds & Returns

Given the nature of transporting fish by mail order and the need for complex packing procedures, shops will not accept any returns of fish. For this reason it is imperative that you choose the correct fish that you want.

Refunds depend on the nature of your claim. If in the unlikely event that a fish has died in transit to you most shops will refund you for the cost of the fish. However, please beware that they may require evidence that the fish has died in transit which may mean returning the deceased specimen to the shop. It is very important that you are available to take delivery of your fish on the first delivery attempt. Please look at the refund policy of the shop you use which is listed on the right hand side of their on-line shop page.

Shipping & Delivery

Tropicalfishfinder expects a very high standard of shipping from any shop that sells Tropical fish through our site. To find out more about the shipping standards applied by the shop you intend to use please go to their on-line shop account and click on the shipping link on the right hand side.

What you can expect

Transporting fish by mail requires a lot of preparation. Not only should the fish be in the best of health, but the packaging technique used to transport them must be designed to maintain conditions at an optimal level throughout their journey to your door. A few very simple precautions are required to ensure this is the case. Firstly very strong bags are needed. Each bag will have oxygen pumped into it to maintain an adequate level of oxygenated water and each bag should be stocked as lightly as possible to avoid the possibility of any serious deterioration in water quality during transit which could impact on the health of the fish. Most shops will flatten the corners of the bag to avoid the possibility of any fish becoming trapped in the corners. The bags are then place in a Polystyrofoam box and you can expect the shop to use additional insulation within the box in the form of paper or some other material which will help to retain heat within the box. To maintain water temperature a shop will use heat packs within the box. These are chemical packs that once started will emit heat for anything up to 48 hours. You can expect at least one heat pack per box and during cold periods shops will generally use two to ensure that water temperature is maintained at an adequate level during transit. The Polystyrofoam box is usually then placed into a cardboard box to provide additional insulation and protection to the Polystyrofoam box.

The shop will normally try to get the courier to collect as late in the day as possible to avoid the fish being in transit for any longer than necessary. The fish will then be transported to you overnight and will arrive before 4pm at the latest the following day.

The next step is then for you to carry out the correct acclimatisation procedure to avoid any unnecessary stress to your fish in their new home.